So what are essential oils and how can they be used to enhance my yoga practice or benefit me if I don’t practice yoga?

Yoga and Aromatherapy are both ancient practices that offer physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to the practicitioner.  Because aromatherapy works on the part of the brain (limbic system) that deals with emotion, it’s ideal for those looking to release negative emotions, soothe tension, and enhance and support positive emotions.

Essential oils are crafted from carefully extracted natural plant materials.  We use 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils that have been thoroughly tested for purity and selectively chosen for their efficacy. IMG_5150

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Our Essential Oils Blends.  Side-effect free, easy to carry and use blends for uplifting energy, meditation aid, hormone support, stress relief, and peaceful sleep.  Personal inhalers, Roll-Ons, Diffuser Blends, Salves, Body Butters, and more. Therapeutic blends for you and those you love.

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