Rachel Malo, PTS, CSCC
Rachel has 15+ years of experience internationally in the fitness industry. She has been training adults and children, teaching group fitness classes and workshops, and coaching athletes. Her clients include everyone from rehabilitation patients to elite athletes. She holds many certifications including Certified Personal Training Specialist, Certified Sport Conditioning Coach, Certified Yoga and Pilates Master Practitioner.

She has a passion for whole person fitness. She strives to help each client establish and accomplish their goals by designing programs that will help develop the skills to increase strength, mobility, and flexibility. She will challenge, empower, and drive you towards your personal fitness goals!

Rachel’s story: “Today, I am happy and grateful to be pain-free!  I’ve always been pretty active.  However, an injury earlier in life that resulted in a fractured vertebrae did slow me down a bit [laughs].  I returned to an active lifestyle, but still had residual pain and limited mobility.  Fast-forward a few years, and a life-changing mountain bike accident left me with debilitating back and hip pain. Through these traumas, I discovered the healing power of yoga and myofasical release.  I learned to take a holistic approach to my own healing.  This has given me a sincere desire to help others overcome their own personal challenges, whatever they may be.”