Restorative Fitness takes a multi-pronged holistic approach to health and wellness. Using proven Exercise Prescriptions and therapeutic natural solutions we customize programs to meet your individual needs and goals.
If you have been searching for natural solutions to modern issues like stress and fatigue, and want to learn more, I would love the opportunity to meet and discuss your needs, and create a wellness plan just for you.  30-minute Complimentary Consultation Click Here.

What people are saying graphic“Rachel really listened to my concerns regarding my disability, and designed the perfect program for me and my schedule.” – Patricia H.

“I am loving my aromatherapy blend!  After our meeting, she came up with a portable essential oil blend to help me with anxiety, and it’s working better than I could have hoped for!”  – George T.

“Rachel’s classes are like kinetic vitamins!” – Jim M.             “Restorative Fitness has a unique whole-person approach to wellness.” – Jen Y. 

“Sessions are challenging AND Fun!” – Sarah B. 

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we will not be holding live workshops until further notice.  Thank you for understanding.  Keep checking back.  Stay safe and healthy!  

Essential Oil Make & Take Workshop:  So what are essential oils and how can they be used to enhance my yoga practice or benefit me if I don’t practice yoga?”  Read more…

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Rachel’s small group classes strike a perfect harmony of challenging, fun and effective! She has a vast knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems and she uses that to help her clients achieve maximum fitness results. She designs workouts that push each client to the limit of their ability, while  never compromising their individual safety. I also appreciate the dedicated time she always builds into a session for guided stretching and muscle restoration. Rachel’s holistic approach to fitness has helped me improve my strength, endurance and overall fitness!

Courtney, Nov 2018

Finding myself flat on my back in bed 6 months ago with sciatica caused by inflammation from a protruding disc and arthritis, I’ve been very sensitive to any pain in my back. After a physical therapy and prescription drugs to get me upright, I’ve preferred a holistic solution to any ongoing flair-ups. In addition to core strengthening exercises, I started using the “Joint Blend” aromatherapy roller-ball on my back daily after my shower. I simply roll it on and massage it in my lower back. In addition to smelling wonderful, I feel it relaxes tension and helps reduce any inflammation I may be experiencing!

Lisa F, Dec 2018

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